• Necklace "White Swan"
  • Necklace "Almost Orchid".
  • Set"Almost Flowers"
  • Antique Gold Bracelet
  • Set "Antiquarian".
  • Set "Arizona Autumn".
  • Set "Coils of Fortune".
  • Set "Dusty Rain".
  • Necklace "Dusty Summer".
  • Necklace "Elegant Collar".
  • Set "First Snow".
  • Necklace "Forest after Rain".
  • Set "Heart of the Forest".
  • Necklace "Highway".
  • Necklace "Lilac Mist".
  • Set "Inverted Crown".
  • Necklace "Lunar Path".
  • Set "Moon in the Clouds".
  • Set "Open Weave".
  • Necklace "Square plait".
  • Necklace "Triumph".
    I gladly teach at my studio and visit different states and countries with my workshops. If you like my works, I'll be waiting for your invitation. Write me, ask questions. I'll gladly respond.
    Good luck, inspiration, understanding and love to you all!!
    Thank you for your time.

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