• Gallery 1: there are bead sets made in various styles.
  • Gallery 2: contains long beaded necklaces (length 24-28 in)
  • Gallery 3: contains short beaded necklaces (length 15-17 in)
  • Gallery 4: bead sets created using similar beading designs but...
  • Gallery 5: features bead sets with unusual bead tube weaving.
  • Gallery 6: beaded necklace design with weaving "Branch"
  • Gallery 7: big gallery of beaded bracelets and earrings.
  • Gallery 8: bead necklaces made of Swarovski and natural pearl.
    In my designing I use various colored Czech and Japanese, Swarovski, Gem beads to help bring out the beauty of the dress and the woman. Unfortunately pictures of my bead works can not give in full all my love and sincere affection I have put in all my art beading designing. If you would like to know more about the pieces or would like to make a purchase, or take beading classes write my.
    Now you have a great opportunity to see my bead works
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